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Program Committee

Statement of Purpose

The IAASE Program Committee will provide the comprehensive professional development activities that improve the knowledge and craft of the IAASE Member.

Function and Tasks of the Program Committee

  • The Program Committee will assess the professional development needs of the IAASE membership for the purpose of conducting annual conferences, Administrator Academies and supporting the IAASE Regions for Member professional development.

  • The Program Committee will prepare and submit an annual program plan to the Executive Board.

  • The Program Committee will submit to the Finance Committee and Executive Board, a budget for the Program Committee activities consistent with timelines established for budget submission, conference expenses and revenues.

  • The Program Committee will work collaboratively with the IAASE Administrative Assistant to finalize all professional development contracts, agreements and evaluations for IAASE professional development.

  • The Program Committee will annually negotiate hotel site contracts and recommend to the Executive Board the conference locations and facilities for the next fiscal year’s professional development conferences.

  • The Program Committee will prepare and support the preparation of all conference announcements, registration packets, and conference documents.

  • The Program Committee will evaluate each professional development activity, review summaries of the evaluations and make recommendations consistent with the evaluations for future IAASE professional development.

  • The Program Committee will recommend any suggested changes to the number of annual IAASE conferences, the registration rate changes and evaluate the needs of IAASE professional development consistent with Member needs.

  • The Program Committee will manage conference registration and promptly forward revenues to the IAASE Treasurer.

  • The Program Committee will review conference and professional development expenses and bills for processing consistent with the IAASE budget and the Treasurer’s Report.

Program Committee Chairperson

Current President-Elect / Chairperson

  • Jami Hodge

  • The IAASE President-Elect will be the Program Committee Chairperson.

  • Terms of the President-Elect will coincide with serving as the Chairperson of the Program Committee and shall be for two (2) years. The President-Elect / Chairperson who leaves the position prior to the end of the two (2) years shall be replaced to fulfill the remaining portion of the two (2) year term.

  • As the President-Elect responsibilities coincide with serving as Chairperson of the Program Committee, the Elected official shall be a voting Member of the IAASE Executive Board but only cast a single vote as President-Elect.

  • The President-Elect / Program Committee Chairperson will appoint Members in good standing to participate on the Program Committee. The Program Chairperson may add Members at any time and the term will be consistent with the term of each IAASE President.

Program Committee Members

Martha Blackburn Carrie Clodi Dawn Conway
Dr. Andrea Dinaro Dr. Christi Flores Dr. Lee Anne Frost
Beth Gibbs Erin Hackett Candice Hartranft
Tarin Kendrick Elliott Lenoff Linda Lenoff
Lucille Melchert Dr. Gineen O'Neil Mike Padavic
Kathy Price Christine Putlak Nancy Seibert
Dr. Kathlene Shank Melissa Taylor Jennifer Volpe
Norma Gerrish    

  • The Program Committee Members will consist of a minimum of ten (10) Members.

  • The Program Committee Members will be selected based on the diversity of the IAASE membership including, the IAASE regions, experience, gender and racial background.

  • The Program Committee Members terms shall be for two (2) years and their appointment aligned with the term of each new IAASE President-Elect / Program Committee Chair. The Program Committee Members may be reappointed to successive two (2) year terms.

Revised: 7/01/18