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The Assessment Committee will address Illinois student assessment issues, inform and consult with the I.A.A.S.E. Executive Board on such issues. The Committee will also recommend to the I.A.A.S.E. Executive Board guidance information that should be shared with the general membership on assessment issues.


The Ethics Committee will serve as a peer review committee to ensure the professional integrity of its members as set forth in the established IAASE Code of Ethics


The Federal Committee will monitor/respond to Congress regarding educational legislation which is of importance to the Organization. This committee will also provide input to C.E.C. and the C.A.S.E. regarding federal legislation


The Finance Committee will review and make recommendations to the Executive Board regarding the Organization’s finances. This Committee will recommend a proposed budget which will include annual membership dues. In addition, the Finance Committee is to investigate and make recommendations to the membership on all matters of special education finance proposed by the state government and to develop and propose alternate plans when necessary.

Innovative Practices/Service Delivery

The Innovative Practices/Service Delivery Committee will research, formulate, and disseminate the most current educational practices of importance to the Organization and its members.


The Legislative Committee shall actively involve the membership in promoting the identification and development of state legislation beneficial to the education of all students. This Committee shall have an Assistant Chairperson who is eligible to succeed the Chairperson.


The Medicaid Committee will identify and monitor Medicaid issues which are of current importance to the Organization and its members.

Membership/Public Relations

The Membership Committee will develop and implement strategies to seek and retain members for the Organization. When requested by the Executive Board, this Committee will review and recommend individuals or organizations who are seeking membership based upon a special circumstance or unique situation.

Newsletter and Publications

The Newsletter and Publications Committee will assist the I.A.A.S.E. Administrative Assistant with the publication of the Organization’s newsletter. The Chairperson of this Committee will review each issue of the newsletter prior to final printing and dissemination. This Committee will also assist the Executive Board with the printing and dissemination of the Organization’s documents and publications as approved by the Executive Board.

Nominations and Awards

The Nominating Committee shall serve to process the activities related to nominations of individuals for the elected offices of the Organization. In addition, this Committee will facilitate the selection of individuals for the Organization’s awards as set forth in the addendum of this document. The Immediate Past-President will serve as the Chair of this Committee.


The Oversight Committee will consider changes or amendments to the Constitution and make recommendations regarding specific organizational policy issues which the Executive Board has forwarded to the Oversight Committee.

Personnel Certification and Licensure

The Personnel Certification and Licensure Committee will monitor the I.S.B.E. certification and licensure approval and personnel reimbursement process as a means of identifying problems important to the operation of special education programs in Illinois.

Planning and Evaluation

The Planning and Evaluation Committee will develop long-range plans for the Organization and will evaluate the effectiveness of the work of the Organization. In addition, this Committee will provide input regarding the administrative leadership training needs of the membership to the Illinois Administrators’ Academy.


The Program Committee will plan and present programs for the Organization’s membership. The President-Elect shall serve as the Chairperson of the Program Committee.

Retired Members

The Retired Members Committee will provide input to the Board from the retired members of the organization. The Chair of the Retired Members Committee will respond to requests for the involvement and input from either the Executive Board or the President.

Technology and Website

The Technology and Website Committee will identify, advance, and support technology and website information and action which is of current importance to the Organization and its members.


The Transition Committee will identify and monitor student transition issues which are of current importance to the organization and to its members. The Committee will recommend to the I.A.A.S.E. Executive Board guidance information that should be shared with the general membership on transition issues.